Mar 1, 2011

LITERAL Dead Island Announcement Trailer

I haven't posted in a few days because I've been kinda busy, but I just watched this again and thought I may as well share it so there's at least one post this week.

If you have any interest in games whatsoever the odds are that you've seen the emotional announcement trailer for the upcoming zombie game Dead Island. My all-time favourite youtuber Toby Turner/Tobuscus/TobyGames does literal trailers for many various film and video game trailers, and despite the humorous lyrics the music to the trailer manages to just make it sad.


  1. I actually didnt like the literal version even though it was funny. I think its because of love the trailer as it is so much. It has me so hyped for the game.

  2. I saw the original trailer the other day.
    I prefer this...

  3. yeah this is much better than the original :D