Feb 24, 2011

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Official Trailer

Yesterday, Bethesda released the first official trailer for Skyrim after December's announcement trailer, this time with plenty of footage of the in-game world. Although I never actually finished Oblivion and am infinitely more excited for Mass Effect 3 than for Skyrim, I have to admit this trailer got me pretty fired up and I look forward to seeing some gameplay footage in the future. I can only hope BioWare hurry up and release some footage of Mass Effect 3 some time soon.


  1. Saw this earlier today on reddit. The trailer for this looks epicly (is that a word?) awesome.

  2. Going to spend so much time on this game.. ugh.

  3. damn...this game better me as fantastic as the last, otherwise i'm a gonna be pissed