May 21, 2011

Change in Focus

As has already probably become clear to anyone who reads this blog regularly (let me dream!), I have been moving further and further away from the original purpose of this blog: to report world news. This is mainly because I've found myself far too busy to make long news posts like those on the Arab Protests/Revolutions and also because there is rarely a news story I deem interesting enough to report about. As such, the posts in this blog will be moving more towards anime, video games, movies and YouTube videos, with the occasional news posts and maybe some stuff on music.

On the topic of anime, I have the 'Spring 2011 Mid-Season Impressions' to do, which will either be some time in the next few days if I can find time, or next weekend when I'll definitely be free. I'm watching so much this season that I really need quite a bit of time to make a proper post, especially if I'm to include pictures like my last one. Although by the time it's finally posted it'll be much past the middle of the season...

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