Jan 1, 2011

Fall 2010 Season Final Impressions

Despite most of these shows running on into Winter 2010 I htought I should at least re-evaluate my opinions on them, so here we go.

To Aru Majutsu no Index Season II
I'm sorry to say but as this has carried on I've found myself losing interest. The last arc lasted far too long and I just didn't find it that interesting, although I think the next episode is the final part of this arc. Also, through the last few episodes I swear I've noticed a severe drop in character animations, especially Index and Misaka, but I haven't seen anyone else comment on this so I'm not too sure. I'm hoping the after this arc is over and done with that Index will return to form (with plenty of Misaka).

Star Driver
Each episode remains to be formulaic and repetitive, but I still can't stop watching, I think I've found a guilty pleasure. I hope they move away from the predictability of the first 13 episodes, but I'm not sure I can see that happening except for maybe some of the climax episodes. The characters and most of the animation are still pretty good, but the story is really lacking at the moment.

Despite the sub group I was using dropping this for being 'boring' I continue to enjoy it (after finally finding a new group who don't take an age to release). I can happily carry on watching this over the next season and they've already green-lit a second season for October 2011, so I have something to look forward to later this year. The story remains to progress out a relaxed rate that's both easy to follow without being too slow and I still like the main characters plenty. They've also managed to find a way to get rivalry, suspense and romance into a show about two guys writing manga, which is rather surprising.

Ore no Imouto
Despite a couple of lows with the whole Light Novel/Anime thing of Kirino's (I still can't forget how ridiculous it was) the show managed to get back into form for the last few episodes and didn't even get too incesty (even though you can tell Kirino likes Kyousuke a bit more than a sister should and there's still the 'True End' to get released with the DVD's). This was a fun enough show with mostly likeable characters, except for Kirino's mega-bitch moments, as well as some comedy. Even though I'm not exactly otaku and have only been watching anime for a year I was still able to relate to quite a few moments although perhaps not as much as actual otaku. I'll probably have largely forgotten about this by the end of the Winter season but it was still an enjoyable watch.

Shinryaku! Ika Musume
This was a great bit of fun to look forward to every week with the ever-so-lovable Squid Girl and her human friends, and they even managed to get a bit of an underlying story for the final episode, which even got me a bit sad. Like I said last time the lack of story maybe limited this for me, but of course it was never meant to have one because it's just a comedy, and a great one at that. This was quite a memorable series but I'm not sure if I'll ever end up re-watching it.

This was the clear highlight of the last two seasons and perhaps even the year for me (even more than my beloved K-ON!!). Although the story was a but slow at the beginning I have to agree with what another blogger said, in that it helped us connect with the characters and setting, which gave the show a bigger impact as it reached it's climax. It was a brilliant story that managed to make you even feel sympathy towards the vampires/Shiki and actually question the villagers humanity as they go a bit overboard after finding out about the Shiki. Like I said, you develop a great attraction to a great number of the characters, both human and Shiki, and start to think about who you really do want to win. I don't think I've really done this show justice with this paragraph but I'd suggest if you're reading this that you really should watch this, especially if you're big fan of traditional vampires who burn (not sparkle) in the sunlight, can't enter your house without permission (instead of watching you sleep), have control over those they've bitten (I've ran out of mocking Twilight comparisons) and can only be killed by a stake to the heart. The story was one of the most exceptional I've ever seen, being thought provoking, full of suspense and horror and sucks you right in.

Although I'm really not pleased with the Shiki paragraph (still not used to this reviewing malarkey) here's my views on the last season. I hope I've maybe given you some ideas for shows to watch, especially Shiki! I'm kind of worried that with 3 shows running into next season I may end up watching quite a lot, although from my quick glance of next seasons shows I haven't seen much that catches my eye so I may not be too busy in the end.

Hopefully this year will be a good one for anime, and I'm especially looking forward to Season 2 of Baka to Test to Shōkanjū and (assuming it's out this year) the new Code Geass series. There's also the K-ON!! movie, but I'm not sure when that's released in cinemas or when the BD/DVD release will be.

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