Jan 10, 2011

Glee Has Returned!

That's right! I'm a Glee fan, and I'm unashamed to say it. Usually I despise musicals and everything about them but this show is just brilliant, with quite a bit of decent comedy to top it off. They can actually sing too, which makes a change.

Anyway, Season 2 just started airing in the UK tonight and Mondays have been brightened up significantly. I'm not the only one happy though as it seems to have quite a large fanbase within my group of friends, even from those I didn't think would like it... then again I never would have thought I'd like it either.

The first episode was just as great as last season so it all looks pretty promising, and for the next few months it will be one of those rare times in the year that I'll have something decent to watch and look forward to because British TV has declined into nothing but Reality TV and soaps. Also, assuming the new Doctor Who series coincides with this then I really will be satisfied with TV for once instead of resorting to Anime for something entertaining (especially since Winter 2011 doesn't look very great).

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