Jan 18, 2011

Originality? In My Star Driver!?!?

 It's more likely than you think. Yes, that's right! After 14 weeks of the same formulaic, repetitive pattern every episode, Star Driver finally decided to break the mould! Instead of setting up the whole episode for yet another predictable Zero Time sequence before unleashing a little bit of drama the Zero Time sequence has been abandoned entirely in favour of a good old story driven episode. The episode starts off rather upbeat with Takuto and Mizuno having a chat in the boys restroom (it's totally normal) before the rest of  the episode  focuses almost exclusively on Mizuno and Marino.


Things start off all good as the sisters have one of their chats with a pretty little moon in the background. The scene then cuts to Mizuno's daily commute on top of a bus (again, completely normal) at which point it starts raining gently, can you say pathetic fallacy (fuck yeah English class!)? Mizuno then spots Takuto and co. chatting and deciding who gets to share the umbrella with Wako. The conversation takes a turn for the worse for Mizuno, leaving her a tad upset.

Heartbreak Incoming!

Looking rather crafty here.

It's not drama unless it's raining.
After all this heartbreak, the return of the girls' mother sparks yet more for the lucky Mizuno, along with a bit of a sisterly argument. Upset, Mizuno attempts to leave the island the next day... several times (no doubt sparking painful memories for Endless Eight victims everywhere) before Wako finds her broken down and crying.

Mizuno then meets Wako's grandmother and discovers how Wako too is a maiden, before taking a walk on the beach that leads to this episodes big dramatic ending (possible spoiler images below).

Dun Dun


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  1. Ahah, yea I was pretty shocked myself. Great series nonetheless.