Nov 27, 2010

Welcome To My Humble Little Blog!

Welcome internet adventurer!

After a long time of consideration (and thinking of a name which I will likely change several times) I have decided to add to the cornucopia of blogs present on the internet, because my opinions are more special than everyone else's... right?

Anyway, this blog will most likely consist of random pieces of worldwide news (mainly British) because I'm obviously a much better source than all the other newspapers and news sites, a little bit of anime, a little bit of games, a little bit of technology, and finally, the occasional post about absolutely anything that I just happen to be thinking of or want to share.
In short: This blog will contain a little bit of everything (one of many blog names I tried only to be told it was unavailable).

In the assumption that by the time this blog starts getting regular visitors (because that's likely [/sarcasm]) I would like to say "Hi There Reader! What made you look all the way back into the deep dark depths of the archive?".

For tonight I shall bid thee farewell, and tomorrow I shall begin posting... that is if there's any interesting news.

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