Dec 1, 2010

It's Snowing Everywhere!!!!! ...Except Here

As December begins heavy snowfall has hit Britain, closing schools, airports and motorways. Six inches of snow has prompted Gatwick, Britain's second busiest airport, to close for the day and the country is a blanket of white.

That is... except for where I live. With snowfall predicted for the rest of the week for large portions of the country not a single speck of snow is predicted to land here. Instead, I have to walk to the bus stop in the freezing cold, suffer the cold occasionally during the day, and then suffer again on the walk from the bus stop to home before locking myself inside with the heating on full for the rest of the day. At least heavy snow would allow me to stay at home all day and even have a bit of fun perhaps, but no, just bitter cold and wind. After last years snow many have hopes of a repeat this year, unfortunately for me I realise that as likely just a blip in the last 15 or so snow-less years and that there will once again be no white Christmas for me, just a darn cold one!

In the mean time, here's last years snowman:

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