Dec 4, 2010

Views and News

From a promising 6 views on the first and second days of this blog, views fell to 5, then plummeted to 1 and then to two days of no views at all! Before getting 2 views yesterday and a measly 1 today. Where these views even come from (in terms of links and sites) I have no idea (except for one from an search) but it's quite interesting to see they've come from Europe, Asia and North and South America and that Chrome and Windows are most popular (and rightly so). Getting worldwide viewers is rather cool.

I don't know why views have suddenly plummeted either, or how to regain them. I am part of no forums where I can post the link in my signature, nor do I want to post it on social networking sites because I'm perhaps too scared of criticism from people I actually know. It's too early to appear in any Google searches and I've tried adding it to blog sites but nothing seems to have happened there yet.

I also have another disadvantage: Absolutely nothing interesting is happening in the news! Without news I can make barely any posts, and that makes it even more unlikely for people to find their way here.

I suppose this blog is in its birth still, but going days with absolutely no views is still a bit crappy. I suppose this way it lives up to its name... the small things heh. With lack of news or anything to post about there'll probably be barely any posts for a while, making it even less likely to get any views. Not that there's any point in even making this post, as nobody is going to actually see it...

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